105: The Crossroads Rite

Something happened on one of the crossroads at French Street. Constituent pieces of folklore mesh together around that crossroads that map a gory and haunting history, but those in the know refuse to comment upon it; how the specifics of the ritual came to light, such as the participants names, is unknown; someone, somewhere must know the truth.

Visit the crossroads on Monday about an hour before sunrise with two other people. Each person must stand on a different part of the crossroads; on the empty corner, place the entrails of a mammal – a “canopic bag” gives the best results.

The ritual must be performed like a play, where each person has a different persona to adopt. One person must at all times be addressed as (and consider themselves to be) Brian. Another is Margaret. The last is Steven. Their surnames are not given here, but they are easy for acolytes to discover, as they have since become bywords in the occult community in Glasgow. It is pivotal that “actors” make the performance as realistic as possible, and they must never break character; otherwise, the ritual will fail, bringing into being certain entities that otherwise remain bound to the crossroads.

‘Brian’ must turn to ‘Margaret’ and say “Margaret, you have to put her out of her misery.”

‘Margaret’ responds, “I never agreed to this.’

‘Steven’ must then say “I’ll bring her through“, and walk to the entrails, picking them up with his bare hands, preferably while saying “Here we go, girl, let’s go see your mum“. He must then bring the entrails to ‘Margaret’ and set them down at her feet.

‘Margaret’ must bend to the ground, and devour the entrails, whole. Nothing must remain. When she is finished, ‘Steven’ and ‘Brian’ must pull her to her feet, and lead her down the street.

Once the ritual is complete, the person who played Margaret will be forever sterile or barren, and cancerous cells will begin to grow in their brain; however, this tumour will slowly coalesce into something like an organ – and this organ brings with it a series of bizarre “powers”, such as the ability to cause spontaneous epileptic seizures in people purely by focusing on them.

Incidentally, there are people with the same first and second names as the three original members of the ritual, who are said to be enjoying successful careers with a certain law enforcement body.


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