141: The Phone Network

Electromagnetic fields are often used to explain away bizarre phenomena that the human mind experiences – in particular, theory suggests that electromagnetic fields cause the feelings and hallucinations that conspire to create a “ghost sighting”. The two are linked, but it’s the wrong way around. The phone network is made up of electrical signals masquerading as sound, so it should not be surprising that haunting phenomena occur on the phone lines as much as in decrepit castles and old houses. For this reason, many acolytes refuse to carry mobile phones, or else keep them turned off for extensive periods of time.

A number of people in the region of Glasgow have experienced the “screaming phone”. Instead of the traditional ringing tone of their home telephones, the phones emit a high-pitched peal of electrical screams that tear into the heads of anyone unfortunate enough to hear them; answering the phone will immediately cease the screaming, but it is far preferable to let the phone ring unanswered by simply waiting for the screams to end, or leaving the building altogether – the voice on the end of the line is always your own, and the secrets it delivers may lead to your own destruction.

It is not uncommon for acolytes to receive texts, picture messages and voicemails from unknown individuals that tease answers to the questions of Glasgow’s living mythology. Pictures of a missing girl. A message detailing a severed hand with sticks of incense poking out through decaying flesh. A video of reflected lights in the sky. A voicemail message spoken by vaguely familiar voice, pleading for you to show mercy. A photo taken through a watery lens of paintings bleeding colour. It is pivotal that these are ignored unless their source is known; the acolyte that seeks the Truth must seek the Truth itself, and not false icons created in her name. Truth is the greatest temptress, and They know this well.


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