072: The Brass Candle

There is an object that seems to find its way into the collection of various shops around the West End of Glasgow. The rhyme and reason as to where it appears is unknown.

This object is a brass ornament shaped like a candle that, when lit by the flame from a matchstick, casts a light that allows the holder to see ghostly streets that never appeared on any of the city’s maps, dilapidated corridors and rooms of dead buildings long since vanished, and primeval tunnels that lead deep under the city. The holder of the brass candle can travel down these ancient places for as long as the candle remains lit: if the candle is ever left in the dark, unlit, it disappears – and, at the next equinox or solstice, will reappear in a shop somewhere in the West End.

Curiously, a number of people who buy the candle tend to go missing within a few weeks: perhaps they’ve been negligent in keeping the brass candle lit while walking those ancient pathways.


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