110: The Bookstore

There is a hidden book store that can be found in every city on the continent. In Glasgow, it can be found in a close on Dumbarton Road in Partick. Approach the door to the flat, and press the buzzers for one ground floor flat, one first floor flat, and one second floor flat simultaneously. When a voice from the buzzer asks who is there, tell them you were actually looking for access to the basement. A sharp peal of electrical buzzing will indicate that the door is open, and you can then step through into a musty, dimly-lit shop run by a woman named Judith Christchurch.

The shop specialises in the works penned by people driven mad by religious revelations, with documents detailing impossible mythologies across the United Kingdom: the Eucharist of St. John Barleycorn, The New Matter of Britain, the Underground Angels, and the vibrational frequencies of the Avebury megalithic radios are described in painstaking detail amid frenzied, tangential prose. Judith sells these documents for a reasonable price, and despite their varied comprehensibility, they each have something that can be of use to acolytes. However, there are other services available at the book store.

Behind the counter, Christchurch keeps a series of glass cases filled with notebooks, journals, sketchbooks and photo albums and the like. All have been prepared by acolytes and all describe the atrocities and splendour that we who seek the truth delight in. Christchurch will let you have one of these, for a price; you must prepare one of your own. If you don’t, you will find yourself unable to read anything. The words will wash away before your eyes, rearranging themselves into images of bizarre oceanic landscapes and vague anatomical structures.


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