041: The Roar

{A transcript from a radio broadcast. — Ed.}

Gordon “Gordo” Hamilton: Alright then, we’ve got another caller on the line… This is, eh… this is Michael Harris from Scotstoun. How you doing, Michael?

Michael Harris: I’m doing fine, Gordo, how’s yourself?

GH: Good, good – quiet night, no rain {laughing}.

MH: That’s good to hear.

GH: Eh, so, we’ve had people calling in to give us their, eh.. their stories, about the Roar last Saturday night. What’ve you got for us then, Michael?

MH: Well, right… I was down in Govan that night round at my mates’ house after the Old Firm match. Now, at the front of the house there’s a court that all the flats around about there use, and a bunch of us were out letting off fireworks –

GH: Ah, you’re a Hoops fan then Mike?

MH: Aye, I am, yeah… So, we were letting off a tonne of fireworks out in the communal court for a good ten minutes, and after they all went up, our ears were absolutely ringing. But then, just as it had gotten quiet, there was this massive sound all around us – like something fucking huge just screaming in a metal voice. I’ll tell you what, Gordo: I used to work in the shipbuilding industry, and one of the ships I was working on once had a leak, and the whole thing went up.

GH: It exploded?

MH: Aye, it did, with me inside it even. I didn’t even really hear the explosion so much as feel it, because it rocked the whole ship and threw me on my feet – but the sound of the metal supports straining under the weight, groaning and grinding as whole chunks of the ship twisted and collapsed inwards like hungry metal mouths trying to chew up everyone on board – I remember hearing that gnashing metal, and that was exactly the noise of the sound we heard last Saturday – like something huge and metallic grinding and twisting up in the sky.

GH: Christ, that sounds horrible. How did you and your mates react?

MH: Some of us had bleeding ears after hearing it, and my wife was having a fit, shouting and screaming about rusted lungs. We calmed down after a bit, and most of us agreed that we probably had busted eardrums from the match and the fireworks. So that settled us a little at the time – except the next day, one of my mates who’d left early and wasn’t at the football match said he had heard something too, but some of the neighbours heard the fireworks but didn’t hear the sound in the sky at all.

GH: That happens more often than you’d think, Mike. It’s like you can’t hear it when you’re indoors.

MH: What is it, Gordo?

GH: That’s just the thing, Mike – nobody knows. Every so often we get a phonecall here at the station warning us about it, then you hear a roar somewhere up in the clouds, the wind speeds crank up, all radios in a mile radius blare what can only be described as screams in static, a handful of people go missing – and nobody can tell us what the fuck is going on.

MH: {Whispering} Jesus Christ.

GH: Thanks for your time, Mike. Stay safe out there.


6 Responses to “041: The Roar”

  1. A great read! What happened to lady kelvin?

    • She just disappeared sometime in 2008, as did most of the other acolytes she was involved with in the ’80s. Her apartment in the west end was trashed, and at least two Keys she had (that we know of) disappeared with her. Some people think she got into trouble – she was transgender, and tended to attract more than her fair share of bastards – and she escaped to London, but the Keys she took with her were pretty dangerous, and certainly no-one’s seen her in London, nor has anyone had any correspondence from her to let us know she’s alright.

      • And these people that you personally know that have gone missing/perished at the hands of the keys…Were any remains ever found? Any mention of their deaths on local news?

      • It varies from person to person; none of us knew Lady Kelvin’s real name, so even if her death or absence was reported, it’d be under her male-gendered name and not as “Lady Kelvin”. A lot of acolytes who die are usually people the police don’t consider noteworthy (and let’s be honest, the Keys tend to attract emotionally/mentally damaged people). Some, though, just seem to fly under the radar completely – my friend Dom was killed last year, but aside from a throwaway article in ONE paper, I didn’t see any other mention of it.

        As for remains, again, it varies. A lot of the time, people drop off the map, and by the time remains ARE found, we’d stopped checking newspapers for reports. I know there’s been at least two attempts by acolytes to start a group where people try to find other missing acolytes, but both times, they ended pretty quickly.

  2. Also what do you think is the overall ’cause’ of the keys? Who made them etc?

    • Everyone has a different interpretation, but my understanding is that They are behind all of it. Obviously it’s not as simple as They having “made” all the Keys, but I think there was an event (or rather, a series of events) starting in the late 19th century and reaching a peak during the 30s and 40s; all of the Keys are linked in some way, and They are often at the end of that chain of assocation.

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