103: The Duke Shadows

{Scrawled on a piece of lined A4 paper, over a paragraph – which abruptly stops three sentences in – written in pencil about the effects of the passing of some piece of legislation. –Ed}

Hey dude, don’t have long to write. You weren’t in and I don’t have your new number so I’m going to go in alone. Weird conversation starter but – Steph once said how she couldn’t sleep during her period because she kept having nightmares, and a lot of them were about “shadow people” in her flat – one time she told me that even when she was awake she thought she could sometimes see someone looking at her through the gap in the bathroom door when it was left open just slightly at night.

Now today I was studying in the library and I found this book about weird shit in Glasgow. One of the stories talked about a house in Duke Street, where some guy’s kids were playing with a “black dog” that they thought was weird because it never wagged its tail and it was impossible to touch it, and a policeman later saw the same dog. The guy also had encounters with a shadow that was a human but missing a hand, and his wife sleeptalked with a shadow at the end of her bed while she was having a nightmare. It gave me the chills cause I thought of Steph. Apparently her flat stands on the grounds of the old Duke Street Prison, too, and our tutor was talking about that place in Politics a while ago, how there was some fucked up shit going on with the prisoners being severely abused and basically tortured. It became a woman’s prison a while after Barlinnie was built, and then they closed it and knocked it down.

I’m writing to you cause I remember you told me about those things you saw when you cut your hand in that place in Easterhouse – you said they were like “Hiroshima shadows of the mind instead of the body”. That was fucked up dude, haha. I’m heading round to Steph’s flat just now to see if I can bring them out with blood. If anything happens I’ll let you know.

– Dom


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